The Software

RMExpert is a software used for reliability and maintainability analysis, based on the well-known methodology FMEA/FMECA.
Further it provides data for availability, preventive maintenance details and life cycle cost estimates. Read more about R&M Analysis.

A second module in the program lets you perform risk assessment according to the standard 
"EN ISO 12100:2010 - Safety of machinery - General principles for design. Risk Assessment and Risk reduction"
Read more about Risk Assessment.

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The additions

In addition to the analysis itself, we believe that RMExpert, seen in a wider perspective helps your company to
  • Improve methods to develop products with high standards of reliability with limited access to empirical data.
  • Improve overview control and documentation.
  • Improve products and processes.
  • Highlight quantitative quality.
  • Document quality according to the requirements.
  • Build quality culture based on trust, openness and systematic work.
  • Rationalize by prioritizing processes within the company.
  • Develop and share expertise.
  • Create a predictable platform for good communication.
  • Deliver added value for the customer.
  • Exceed customer expectations regarding documentation.
  • Make additional sales through documented maintenance program.
Puzzle - bring it together

FMECA analysis - a continuous process

FMEA process