R&M Analysis

FMECA made easy

The software guides the engineer to choose from predefined lists of different selections.
Bill of materials can easily be imported from 3D modeling tools and PDM modules.

FMEA Happy Engineer

Why use FMECA?

  • Assist in selecting design alternatives with high reliability and high safety potential during the early design phases.
  • Ensure that all conceivable failure modes and their effects on operational success of the system have been considered.
  • List potential failures and identify the severity of their effects.
  • Develop early criteria for test planning and requirements for test equipment.
  • Calculate life cycle cost estimates
  • Provide transparency in proprietary solutions.
  • Provide historical documentation for future reference to aid in analysis of field failures and consideration of design changes.
  • Provide a basis for maintenance planning.
  • Provide a basis for quantitative reliability and availability analyses.

System failures can be attributed to the following:

System failures diagram